I find inner harmony when being of service to others, with fairness and compassion, balancing work and life while seeing beauty in diversity and opportunity at every turn

Work Ethic

I believe that high quality work results from the synergy of high quality values, such as openness, honesty, integrity, courage, creativity and dedication


Looking to expand to areas where I can apply my skills as a seasoned software developer in an open environment that promotes autonomy and collaboration

about me

I'm a committed software developer, with years of experience in diverse fields and industries

An in-depth problem-solver, who has the patience, discipline and methodologies to get to the root cause of the issues that matter. I excel in providing assistance to the internal and external clients of the products I support

I give attention to detail and actively participate in product design discussions, contributing with novel solutions and putting a lot of time and effort into making sure that the designs I participate in not only are correct and complete but also scaleable and maintainable

My curiosity and fascination with technology lead me to invest a big part of my free time reading about new trends, playing with new technologies and eventually mastering the ones I believe fit my present and future goals


Native/Qt/Web UI design and development, Windows and Linux


Multi-thread and multi-process applications and libraries with DB backends, Windows and Linux


Microcontroller firmware design and development, ARM Cortex specialist


Javascript/Node.js developer

My skills

Passionate about software technologies, I have spent years using C/C++ on multiple settings, from Windows native GUIs to Linux backend servers, utilities and libraries. I have implemented complete multi-thread and multi-process applications for a variety of purposes

In recent years, I have applied my C++ knowledge to develop products based on advanced ARM microcontrollers, with a focus on embedded real-time operating systems and object oriented data structures and communications (Ethernet, CAN, SPI and Serial)

My most recent interest is in leveraging the free and open Web technologies for developing engaging and responsive UI frontends while maintaining high performance, application-specific C++ and Node.js backends

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My education

My formal education was geared towards working with analog and digital electronics, signal processing and data communications as well as the fundamentals of computer systems and programming languages

My informal (self-taught) education has taken me deeper into big and small computer systems, general-purpose and real-time operating systems, data structures and algorithms and the latest programming languages and software technologies

Systems Design Engineering / Graduate Studies

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario / January 2003 - May 2004

81 Percent Grade

Coursework included Non-Linear Digital Image Processing, Machine Vision, Machine Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

B. Sc. Electronics & Communications Engineering

ITESM Monterrey, Mexico / January 1984 - May 1988

97 Percent Grade

Graduated with an Excellence Honors Award and won the Knowledge Award for my graduating class

Work Experience

I worked in the Automation field for a number of years before going into embedded systems, industrial and general purpose computer programming, later specialising in C#, C and C++ application development

I have worked for companies such as Rockwell, ATS, Blackberry and Christie Digital in a number of roles including Manager of an Engineering team and Senior Software Developer

My career as a software engineer since I started using C as a programming language spans 27+ years

Product Developer, Software

Christie Digital Systems Canada / January 2012 - June 2016

53 months

Designed and developed C# and C++/Qt5 GUI applications for controlling and monitoring the laser modules used in the latest generation of cinema projectors. Designed and developed the embedded C++ data structures as well as the Ethernet/TCP/IP/CEP communications stack firmware within the laser modules. These systems have been installed across the globe and have made Christie the co-winner of the Prism Award 2016 in ‘Displays & Lighting’

Software Developer

BlackBerry / March 2008 - July 2011

41 months

Developed C++ data compression software used for accelerating the network communications on the BlackBerry smartphones. Developed C++ and Java software for integrating the SQLite database engine into the BlackBerry smartphones

Sr. Engineer, Software Developer

Agile Systems / September 2006 - March 2008

18 months

Designed and developed C++ applications on Windows for the configuration, operation, monitoring and diagnostics of three families of motion control products: Servos, Steppers and Drives. Developed a Firewire-based communications library for Real-Time Linux

Systems Designer, Software

Automation Tooling Systems, Advanced Systems Division / September 1998 - September 2006

96 months

Designed and developed C++ software applications on Windows and QNX for controlling multiple-axes high-precision robotic machinery. Programmed panel-mounted PCs on VB and C# to provide GUIs for assembly line robots on multiple projects

Electrical Engineering Manager

Rockwell Systems Integrator / February 1989 - September 1998

115 months

Designed, developed and installed multiple automation projects. Defined requirements for control strategies and information systems. Evaluated and selected multiple hardware and software products. Developed analog and digital signal algorithms for Process Control and Power Demand Control

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